Hospitals/Medical Centers

Fast-Track Patient Care & Alleviate Administrative Stress

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    Vendor neutral archive for streaming medical videos

    Store, review, and share endoscopic images and videos effortlessly as part of our secure compatibility system within your medical center.

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    User-friendly web portal with secure access

    Share medical images and reports instantly with our encrypted system, and enjoy a simplified interface that makes accessing data easy.

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    Enhance collaboration & decision-making among medical teams

    Use our software to rapidly capture and share medical images and make accelerated diagnoses that improve patient outcomes.

Transform Hospital Operations With CloudEndo

CloudEndo's adaptable modules streamline your operations and patient record management, no matter the size, specialty, or scalability of your hospital or medical center. Focus on what matters most – deepening patient relationships and bolstering your healthcare teams to enhance care quality.

Let CloudEndo take the weight of administrative tasks off your shoulders, enabling you to raise the bar for your institution's performance.

Circle Check Icon Streamline Patient Imaging

Capture images directly in our platform and store them with patient records indefinitely.

Circle Check Icon Maximize Secure Data

Storage of patient data is encrypted, access controlled and transferred with HIPAA compliance.

Circle Check Icon Make Scheduling Effortless

With just a few clicks, view available time slots, book appointments, and automate reminders.

Benefit From CloudEndo’s Modular Design

Our cloud-based PACS and RIS medical imaging, along with efficient scheduling software and additional modules, offer all the storage, organization, and resources your medical center needs.

CloudEndo excels in providing compatibility solutions that seamlessly work with your current devices and can connect with your HIS and RIS systems to easily retrieve and manage patient data. Reduce the risk of errors while eliminating manual entry.

Whether you're looking for a new system or want to integrate modules over time, our team is here to help you customize a solution that meets your hospital's goals.

Book a Demo With CloudEndo Experts

The CloudEndo team is dedicated to equipping large and small hospitals with the necessary tools and resources to enhance their care and diagnostic services. By minimizing inefficient administrative duties, you can concentrate on delivering the exceptional patient care you've always endeavored to offer.

Arrange a demonstration with our specialists and discover the efficiency of our software in organizing your patient information and facilitating swift collaboration with colleagues for improved patient results.

Additional CloudEndo Modules

To enhance your medical center’s efficiency and ensure smooth operations every day, choose from a suite of compatible modules. From tight-knit security measures to limitless storage, your hospital can scale up based on your needs.

Additional module options include:

User-Friendly Web Portal

Access all modules and seamlessly integrate your current systems into one easy-to-use web platform that streamlines your office tasks and allows you to connect with patients and colleagues quickly.

Plus, never miss a beat by having access to it from anywhere.

Teleradiology Capabilities

Specialized expertise is right at your fingertips with our cloud-based teleradiology technology that connects healthcare professionals and teleradiologists and allows for critical decisions to be made effortlessly.

Disaster Recovery & Auto Backups

Never miss a day of work or lose patient files due to an emergency or unforeseen event with our automatic backup and disaster recovery system.

Through continual monitoring, prescheduled backups, and a robust recovery system, you can manage and restore all patient data no matter the circumstance.

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