RIS & MWL (Modality Worklist) PLUS

Modular Offerings to Streamline Workflow Efficiency

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    Organize, categorize, & tag endoscopic data

    Use CloudEndo modules to store patient imaging information indefinitely and effortlessly access it for reviews and follow-ups whenever you need to.

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    Stay connected with patients, colleagues, & your practice

    Never lose touch with your care teams and patients, so you can enhance recoveries and provide exceptional care for all.

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    Innovative medical video streaming software

    Capture crystal-clear RIS medical imaging and securely share it with teleradiologists for expedited diagnoses and established care plans.

Tailor Modules to Your Practice

At CloudEndo, we recognize that healthcare practices vary in their requirements and workflows. That's why we've developed a modular backend design, offering additional modules that customers can seamlessly integrate to tailor CloudEndo to their specific needs.

Our modular approach ensures flexibility and scalability, empowering practices to optimize their workflows and enhance efficiency.

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Our modules complement current systems for an easy transition between old and new.

Circle Check Icon Organized Data

Keep patient records, charts, videos, and images all in one easily accessible place.

Circle Check Icon Growth Potential

With streamlined administrative duties, your practice can provide better care to more patients.

MWL (Modality Worklist)

The Modality Worklist module streamlines the scheduling and organization of diagnostic imaging procedures.

By automatically retrieving patient demographic and examination details from the Hospital Information System (HIS) or Radiology Information System (RIS), CloudEndo ensures accurate and up-to-date information for each imaging study, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.


Our scheduling module enhances the management and interpretation of studies within healthcare facilities.

From patient scheduling and image tracking to report generation and billing, CloudEndo's scheduling module optimizes workflow, improves communication among healthcare team members, and ensures seamless integration with existing healthcare IT systems.

PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication System)

CloudEndo's PACS module provides a centralized platform for storing, retrieving, and viewing medical images and reports.

With robust storage capabilities and advanced image-viewing tools, our PACS module facilitates efficient image management, enhances diagnostic interpretation, and supports collaborative decision-making among healthcare providers.

Capture to Cloud - Video Capture & Dicomizer

Our Capture to Cloud module revolutionizes the process of capturing and storing medical images and videos. By seamlessly integrating with existing medical devices and equipment, CloudEndo enables healthcare professionals to capture high-quality images and videos directly within their clinical workflows.

The DICOMization feature ensures standardization and compatibility with existing DICOM systems, facilitating seamless data exchange and interoperability.

Patient & Doctor Portal

The Patient and Doctor Portal module empowers patients and healthcare providers to securely access and manage medical records, imaging studies, and diagnostic reports.

With user-friendly interfaces and robust security features, CloudEndo's portal module enhances patient engagement, facilitates remote consultations, and promotes collaborative care delivery.

CloudEndo Router - Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Media Transfer

Our CloudEndo Router module ensures secure and compliant transfer of medical images and data between healthcare facilities, cloud storage platforms, and external partners.

With advanced encryption protocols and real-time monitoring capabilities, CloudEndo Router enhances data security, protects patient privacy, and facilitates seamless collaboration across healthcare networks.

Streamline Data Storage, Enhance Accessibility, & Ensure Security: Book a Demo Today

By offering a comprehensive suite of modular services, CloudEndo empowers healthcare practices to optimize their workflows, improve efficiency, and deliver superior patient care. No two practices operate in exactly the same way, but you can still meet the needs of your specific veterinarian practice, small-town clinic, or metropolitan hospital with our technology.

Discover the power of modularity with CloudEndo and unlock new possibilities in healthcare technology. Schedule a demo with our team now and revolutionize your practice tomorrow!


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