Media Acquisition

Media Acquisition With CloudEndo: Streamlining Your Workflow

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    Vendor neutral archive for streaming medical videos

    Store, review, and share endoscopic images and videos effortlessly as part of our secure compatibility system within your medical center.

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    Elevate your practice efficiency, enhance patient experiences

    With media and patient profiles in one centralized place, your time can be spent working directly with your patients, not locating paperwork.

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    Innovative medical video streaming software

    Capture crystal-clear RIS medical imaging and securely share it with teleradiologists for expedited diagnoses and established care plans.

Integrate CloudEndo With Current Systems

At CloudEndo, we recognize the importance of efficiently acquiring and managing media from multiple modalities and legacy equipment in today's healthcare landscape.

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with various imaging sources, allowing for the consolidation of diagnostic media onto a single, user-friendly platform.

Circle Check Icon Enhanced Efficiency

By centralizing media acquisition and management, you save time and reduce manual tasks.

Circle Check Icon Improved Accessibility

Ensure diagnostic media is readily accessible to authorized users, promoting collaboration and decision-making.

Circle Check Icon Enhanced Patient Care

Clinicians can provide more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans, leading to better patient outcomes.

Our Proven Acquisition Solutions

Through our partnerships with leading companies in the healthcare technology space, CloudEndo offers seamless integration with a wide range of imaging modalities and legacy equipment. Whether it's endoscopes, ultrasound machines, or other diagnostic tools, CloudEndo can effortlessly acquire media from diverse sources.

Plus, say goodbye to siloed data and fragmented workflows. With CloudEndo, all acquired media is centralized and easily accessible from one unified platform. This streamlines the media acquisition process, enabling clinicians to access and review diagnostic images and videos conveniently without the need to switch between multiple systems.

Our innovators understand that every healthcare facility has unique needs and preferences. That's why CloudEndo offers customizable solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're a small clinic or a large medical center, our platform can be configured to accommodate your workflow and imaging preferences.

Here are some of our offerings:

iCap 8

iCap 8 is a cutting-edge software solution revolutionizing medical image capture and reporting. It seamlessly converts any video device output into DICOM images and videos for storage and reporting purposes.

Experience streamlined workflows, enhanced efficiency, and superior patient care with its user-friendly interface, comprehensive image management capabilities, and advanced DICOM video and still image capture tools.


Since 2002, MediCapture has been dedicated to revolutionizing the medical industry with user-friendly, portable, and robust video recorders and archiving systems.

The MediCapture MVR series seamlessly captures various medical procedures in Full HD and 4K. Experience seamless connectivity with CloudEndo through MediCapture's 'Smart Workflow' software.

Empower surgeons, healthcare professionals, and operating room (OR) teams to manage data and optimize patient workflow effortlessly.


TEAC's latest high-definition medical video recorders are designed for quick setup and ease of use yet include a robust list of features and capabilities.

With auto-sensing video connections and automatic video resolution detection, setup is quick and easy. The front control panel allows intuitive recording of crystal-clear Full HD videos and photos.

Network capability enables reading the Modality Work List from the server and directly sending it to CloudEndo.

TIMS Medical

TIMS Medical offers cutting-edge video recording and archiving solutions for medical imaging procedures. The TIMS MVP solution enables video recording from any medical modality, with advanced diagnostic imaging tools for review, editing, and reporting.

Seamless connectivity to CloudEndo optimizes productivity and enhances patient outcomes.

USB Video

Modern devices now include USB video output, allowing seamless integration with CloudEndo's "Capture to Cloud" module. This integration eliminates the need for a separate capture device, streamlining the process for a more efficient workflow.

Enhance Your Practice Now: Book a Demo

Make the switch to digital efficiency, streamlined processes, and easier management of all media acquisition. CloudEndo has customizable solutions to fit your practice or hospital needs, no matter the size or specialized care you offer.

Book a demo with our software experts and discover all the ways our team can help you design a system that promotes smoother operations and achieves improved patient care.

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