Enhance Patient Care With Streamlined Software

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    Innovative medical video streaming software

    Store endoscopic images and videos easily and safely share with teleradiologists for rapid diagnoses that accelerate and improve patient care.

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    Elevate your practice efficiency, lower your costs & save time

    With CloudEndo technology, you and your team won’t waste time on administrative tasks and can focus on the needs of your patients.

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    Stay connected with your practice from anywhere

    Our software allows you to securely connect from any location with Internet access. Keep in touch with your teams and schedule follow-ups at any time.

CloudEndo Technology Makes the Difference

No matter the size of your clinic or the specialization, our modules keep your workflow and patient data organized and streamlined. Stay focused on the things that really matter, like building stronger relationships with your patients and medical teams that boost patient outcomes.

Let our technology take a load off in terms of administrative duties, so you can take your practice to the next level.

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Easily store and organize endoscopic images, videos, and more for swift retrieval when you need them.

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Book appointments, manage follow-ups, and send automated reminders with just a few clicks.

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Heighten your practice’s diagnosing efficiency with secure access to teleradiology sharing.

Discover Our RIS & Modality Worklist

From our cloud-based PACS and RIS medical imaging to our smoothly operating scheduling software, our web portal and modules connect you to all the storage, organization, and resources you’ll ever need.

Whether you’re looking for a completely new system or want to incorporate a few modules at a time, our team will help you develop and integrate a system that meets the goals of your practice.

Consult with our experts on how we find compatibility solutions that work with your current devices.

Book a Complimentary CloudEndo Demo

The CloudEndo team believes in empowering clinics with the tools and resources needed to optimize their care and diagnostic capabilities. Cut down on time-wasting administrative tasks, and focus on delivering the kind of patient care you’ve always tried to provide.

Schedule a demo with our experts and see just how effective our software is at streamlining your patient data and allowing you to quickly collaborate with colleagues for even better outcomes for patients.

The Secure Choice for Patient & Colleague Collaboration

It’s not just about storage, our system is designed to facilitate communication between doctors and patients, as well as with other colleagues. Our team does this in two ways: connecting medical professionals in a network and ensuring the security of patient records while doing so.

Collaborative Teleradiology

With a simple click within the CloudEndo system, your medical team can connect with our leading teleradiology partners.

Submit cases for consultation directly within our system and receive a quick diagnosis that allows you to expedite patient care.

Data Security

From data encryption to controlled user access, our system ensures secure access to patient records, diagnostic images, and reports from any device with an Internet connection.

Our platform also allows for the safe transference of medical imaging, so you can trust that shared data remains secure.

Automatic Backup Capabilities

In addition to our data security features, our experts can also schedule regular automatic backups and install disaster recovery protocols so your patient data can be restored in the event of unforeseen emergencies or disasters.

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